Grocery and Beverage Shopping in the Killington Region

Like any ski resort, shopping for groceries at Killington can be an adventure. Most residents in the area, head 12 miles west to Rutland Vermont, where a collection of large chain grocery stores are well represented. Within the Killington region, you will find local deli's, country stores, and a well stocked market which can provide you with what you need, and save you a lot of gas in the process. Local markets in the Killington region include:

  • Bills County Store - Old fashion Vermont country store at the junction of Route 4, 100, and the Killington Road
  • Deli at Killington Corners/Cordially Yours - the Vermont State Liquor store in Killington, Route 4 West at the junction with the Killington Road
  • Killington Market - a full service small supermarket, midway on the Killington Road
  • Vermont General Store - a traditional Vermont country store in Pittsfield Vermont, on Route 100 North, 7 miles from Killington
  • Zorba's Mini Market - a convenience store located midway on the Killington Road
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